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The background colors are subtle but important elements of the design. Blue conveys trust, loyalty, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, gentleness, calmness, devotion, confidence, harmony and friendship. White conveys peace, purity, spirituality, precision, cleanliness, fairness and positivity.  The NW quadrant contains our Lodge's artwork for Atlas and Pythagoras. NE quadrant contains the 3 plows from the New Jersey seal. SW quadrant is the seal of the Township of Westfield. SE quadrant represents 3 undefined books of faith with the Square & Compasses denominated with "Wisdom, Strength, Beauty" alluding to the tapers around our altar and our Lodge's overt respect and inclusiveness .  To round out and enhance the design of the shield, a banner was included above and below with the latter containing the Latin phrase, "Ex Tenebris Lux" which means "Out of Darkness Light." The motto conveys a powerful message about our Lodge's leanings and direction.
The east and west sides of the shield are ornamented with Jachin and Boaz.