Worshipful Master's Message December 2018

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My Dearest Brethren,

George Bernard Shaw wrote “progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” In Freemasonry, we profess making good men better, but I would propose the following question: do we really make good men better? Do we really have the ability to alter a man’s perceptions or make a man act differently? The answer, of course, is no. Despite every potential member being carefully selected and vouched for, the reality is that every individual has his own moral compass and he alone possesses the will to better himself. No man can be changed by external force, rather only influenced. It is up to the individual Mason to master himself.

Each of us share the common goal of bettering ourselves. In that regard, we must never make anyone feel lowly, nor degrade another’s opinion or stature in life. The key to a prosperous lodge is team work, where all members meet “on the level.” No title in life, wealth or position in the lodge (past or present) should destructively feed one’s ego. In this matter, each of us have a duty to ourselves and to each other.

We must always ask ourselves who we are, and who are we becoming? There is nothing more critical than self contemplation on the path to changing one’s self for the better. We also must ask ourselves outwardly questions like, “who is this person to me,” and “how do we affect each other? “ That simple exercise helps us consciously make the right decision and helps foster personal growth. While the current Masonic year is drawing to a close, I implore you all to be conscientious and contemplative with the goal of seeking truth and light.

Sincerely & Most Fraternally,

Nicholas B. DiDolce ∴                                                                                                                          Worshipful Master