Master's Message June 2019

Success Reflects Constancy to Purpose
— Benjamin Disraeli

My Brothers,

Education and ritual are some of the most important ways that we as Masons connect with our past.  By working at enriching our minds and practicing our degree work and cipher we endeavor to continue in the same way and manner as all those who came this way before.  Our toils benefit not just ourselves (and our families) but those who have not yet heeded the call. Through scholarly pursuits we learn the reasoning behind our ritual, both existential and practical.  This understanding helps enable us to maintain high standards and ensure that future generations of Masons have a bright and successful experience.

June will see our lodge remain active both spiritually and physically. First we have the pleasure of hosting Brother Patrick Craddock who will deliver a lecture about the evolution of the Masonic apron worn in US lodges from the American Revolution to the present day.  Our second meeting will see the raising of 10 Fellow Crafts to the sublime degree of Master Mason. We will need all members to participate to make this a successful pursuit. If you would like to assist in the degree itself, please reach out to me or one of the officers.

Finally brethren, during summer make sure to allocate enough time for your relationships.  This would include your family, your friends and (yes) yourself. When these critical relationships are neglected our support structure (externally and internally) suffers.  Make the time available to help fortify the bonds of your family, nurture your friendships and feed your own spirit.

I am looking forward to seeing you throughout this month at our lodge, and wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous summer.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Jeff Boland

Worshipful Master