Master's Message February 2019

Success Reflects Constancy to Purpose
— Benjamin Disraeli

My Brothers,

February is often thought of as a dark, lonely month with the cold of winter constraining our travels and interactions with the world beyond the monotonies of daily routines.  It is quite fortunate, therefore, that as Masons we are afforded a unique privilege of gathering to share light in the confines of our Lodge. Since time in memoriam, Masons have met, shared and engaged in healthy debates about the various mysterious that form the basis of our gentle craft. These fundamental factors help us direct our labors and ultimately guide us during the alchemical transformation to become a better version of ourselves.

In the coming month, we will again be afforded an opportunity to gather in the pursuit of knowledge.  Our first Lodge meeting includes a presentation about the mechanics of the mind, specifically, actuating critical memory functions. The skill set to be discussed can be employed in our everyday lives, and can positively impact our families and vocations. The second Lodge meeting will detail perspectives in certain areas of purpose, specifically the trivium and quadrivium, which get to the heart of Masonic life.  It is the study and on-going practice of these liberal arts and sciences that allow us to not just discern truth, but ultimately aid our goal of improving the larger world. As with all matters of consequence and areas of learning, such knowledge is passed mouth-to-ear from generation to generation.

We periodically need to remind ourselves of why we came to The Craft, which is that we sought something missing in our lives.  I believe we were all seeking truth and the knowledge to allow us to recognize it, and a basic need to satisfy an innate desire to commune with like minded men.  We must never forget this mystic tie amidst the concerns and employments of life. We must work diligently and continuously to keep those distractions from misdirecting our thoughts and actions as we cannot be of one mind if we allow our thinking to become polluted.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

 Jeff Boland

Worshipful Master