Master's Message January 2019

Success Reflects Constancy to Purpose
— Benjamin Disraeli

My Brothers,

Happy New Year! I hope that each of you had a joyous and restful holiday season surrounded by your family and friends. As a new year begins, we are afforded the opportunity to reflect on the direction our lives took since becoming Freemasons. In examining ourselves, we typically look to the east as a source of light. This is, in fact, an ancient practice.

For centuries, men have used the sun to determine not just the time of day and the progression of seasons but to verify and, if need be, correct the course of travel whether by land or sea. We, as speculative Masons, are instructed to view the east as a place of light from which we chart our own course and from time to time correct our heading. The goal, of course, is get back on that path we initially set (and pledged to work) to follow at the time we first knocked on the door of our Lodge.

All Freemasons, new or seasoned, share this need to periodically pause and self-reflect. It is actually helpful to ask ourselves those same questions we typically pose to uninitiated men that approach us for membership. What drew you to Freemasonry? What do you think you can obtain from our Fraternity that you have not (or cannot) obtain from other avenues of your life? Importantly, what do you hope to contribute to our craft?

Even as we are actively living our lives and accumulating various experiences, we need to ask ourselves, “am I working towards my goals” If you hesitate to say “yes,” as I presume most of us would, it should be used as an opportunity to box our internal compass and again reflect in the lessons from the east. As brothers, we all share this journey though we have our individual courses. We should always endeavor to work at our best and help ourselves (and our brothers) avoid the pitfalls of life’s distractions. I ask you to join me in observing the east to help navigate the way.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

 Jeff Boland

Worshipful Master