Master's Message February 2018

             "Balance in All Things"

             "Balance in All Things"

Failing to plan is planning to fail.
— Bro. Benjamin Franklin

My Dear Brethren,

Newly initiated brothers are introduced to the Trestleboard, first as one of the three Movable Jewels, and then soon after in a more tangible form known by some as the lodge’s “newsletter.” But we well know it’s more than that.  

A newsletter is a publication intended to provide information relating to the activities of an organization. The Trestleboard certainly does that, but it also provides the keys that can help us unlock our success as Masons. Our brother and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, quoted above, would have agreed that there are few coincidences in life. We succeed because of our planning, not in absence of it.

The Masonic Lodge of Education defines the operative trestleboard as “a design board for the master workman (architect) to draw his plans and designs upon to give the workmen an outline of the work to be performed. In today’s terms we might call it a blueprint.” Of course, in speculative Freemasonry, the three Movable Jewels are presented together to emphasize that the designs of the Bible (our spiritual, moral, and Masonic Trestleboard) are the blueprints that guide us as we move from being the Rough Ashlar to becoming the Perfect Ashlar. Along the way, we endeavor to build that spiritual temple in our hearts and minds not made with the hands. And, as the Masonic Funeral Oration admonishes us, the Trestleboard of our whole lives awaits such inspection as might qualify us for unspeakable happiness.

I encourage you to get better acquainted with our lodge’s Trestleboard. Use it to get to know your fellow brethren and to take advantage of opportunities for Masonic growth. Consider it a design board for planning your vocational, devotional, and recreational activities all year long.

Sincerely and Fraternally Yours,

Vito J. Petitti

Worshipful Master